Abdominal Massage and Visceral Manipulation

Abdominal Massage and visceral manipulation treatment may be used to help manage and support complaints of the digestive system by addressing the soft tissues and viscera (organs) of the thoracic and abdominal and pelvic cavities. It aims to improve health and function of body systems by utilising techniques that are proposed to aid circulation, lymphatic flow, and autonomic nervous system regulation. This in turn may help to modulate organ function. In addition to the use of gentle visceral manipulation and abdominal massage techniques, a holistic whole body approach is taken and other areas of the body are often also treated to further assist circulation, lymphatics and nerve function which contribute to digestive health. Some other techniques used may include a range of soft tissue massage techniques, stretching, and passive joint mobilisation of the joints and spine.

Abdominal Massage and visceral manipulation may also benefit people's general well-being through deep relaxation, assisting in supporting feelings of stress.  Some people may not necessarily have any specific digestive issues but find they hold tension and stress in their abdomen. In this case a more general abdominal massage treatment may be applied, depending upon the presentation.

Important Considerations
Abdominal Massage and visceral manipulation treatment will involve assessment of the abdomen and often other areas of the body that may be a source of your problem. This may on occasion mean dressing down to your underclothes. This understandably isn’t always a comfortable process and you may be assured that modesty will always be preserved. Shorts, leggings and vest tops are appropriate and are also comfortable to wear during treatment also if you want to bring some along. If you feel uncomfortable at any moment please always let your practitioner know. Additionally, on some occasions treatment may bring up emotions or feelings that may be stored in the body.

Some discomfort may be experienced during assessment and treatments but this is always aimed to be kept to a minimum. 
On some occasions you may experience some soreness or an exacerbation of symptoms within 48 hours of treatment (this is often called a ‘treatment reaction’) though this is not always case.  If you have any concerns please get in touch.

If you are feeling unwell  before your appointment it is always best to reschedule your appointment and see your GP instead.  For more info on Covid-19 related protocol read here.
It is also advised that if you have ongoing issues that are not resolving that you should see your GP so they may perform any investigations and if necessary refer you to a specialist. 
If you have had any recent abdominal surgery it is usually advised to wait 6-10 weeks depending on the surgery and clearance from your medical team would be needed. 


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