Holistic Massage

Taking a holistic approach each massage treatment will be devised to support your individual needs and requirements whether that be general relaxation or to help release particular areas of muscle tension and discomfort. The therapist will work with you, drawing on a range of techniques such as deep tissue, stretching and those aimed to promote relaxation, suited to the treatment you require and will take into account not only your physical state but also how you are feeling both mentally and emotionally.
Massage stimulates the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system which is promotes feelings of calm and rest. When the nervous system is in balance we are more likely to be able to manage our stress, recover better from exercise, illness and injury, sleep better, and have improved digestion.

Important Considerations
Some discomfort may be experienced during assessment and treatments but this is always aimed to be kept to a minimum. 
On some occasions you may experience some soreness or an exacerbation of symptoms within 48 hours of treatment (this is often called a ‘treatment reaction’) though this is not always case.  If you have any concerns please get in touch.

If you are feeling unwell  before your appointment it is always best to reschedule your appointment and see your GP instead.  For more info on Covid-19 related protocol read here.
It is also advised that if you have ongoing issues that are not resolving that you should see your GP so they may perform any investigations and if necessary refer you to a specialist. 


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